Her Moonlings

Want something a bit whimsical, quirky, and lovable? 

Want to bring color into someone’s life? 

Want to make someone smile? 

Send someone a moonling smile (or yourself!) 

These curious moonling creatures are birthed from the moon and their life spans the length of their curiosity. Brighten someone’s day (or their room) with some moonlings and their bright colors.


About the Owner and Artist of Her Moonlings

Hello and thank you for being here :)

Growing up, I was always on the shyer side, more comfortable with writing words to someone than talking to them. I followed my passion of writing and in May of 2020, I graduated with a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. Perhaps it’s of no surprise then, to me, the written word is ever so important. 

Her Moonlings is a combination of my love of colors, the whimsical, and my love of writing words to someone (and my joy of receiving such words from friends and family!) Although in this day and age, physical greeting cards may be out of date, I still believe in the power and importance they hold to archive feelings and bring a smile, whether that be in the moment or in reminiscence.

I hope that my moonlings offer you, or your recipient, such a joy as well.

Nou Her

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